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Ubcp Animation Agreement

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Understanding the UBCP Animation Agreement for Voice Actors

If you are a voice actor who specializes in animation, you may have heard of the UBCP Animation Agreement. This is a collective agreement between the Union of British Columbia Performers (UBCP) and the producers of animated productions in British Columbia, Canada. The agreement covers various aspects of the working conditions, compensation, and rights of voice actors who perform in animated productions that fall under the jurisdiction of the UBCP.

Why is the UBCP Animation Agreement important?

The UBCP Animation Agreement is important for several reasons. First, it sets standards for fair treatment and compensation for voice actors who contribute to the success of animated productions. The agreement provides guidelines for minimum rates, hours of work, overtime, travel, and other expenses that producers must cover for voice actors. This helps to ensure that voice actors are not exploited or underpaid for their work, and that they can sustain a reasonable income from their profession.

Second, the UBCP Animation Agreement protects the rights and interests of voice actors in terms of distribution and reuse of their performances. The agreement specifies that voice actors have the right to receive residuals (additional payments) for the reuse of their performances in other media or territories, such as DVD sales, streaming, or foreign broadcasts. This enables voice actors to earn additional income from their work beyond the initial recording session and helps to compensate them for the ongoing value of their contribution to the production.

Third, the UBCP Animation Agreement promotes the professional development and safety of voice actors by providing guidelines for training, health and safety, and behavior on the set. The agreement encourages producers to provide adequate training for voice actors who may need to perform challenging roles, such as accents or physical exertion, and to ensure that the recording sessions are conducted in a safe and respectful environment for all participants. This helps to enhance the quality of the performances and to prevent accidents or harassment that could harm the voice actors or affect the production negatively.

What are the key terms of the UBCP Animation Agreement?

The UBCP Animation Agreement covers a wide range of terms and conditions that affect the working relationship between producers and voice actors. Some of the key terms include:

– Minimum rates: The agreement sets different rates for various types of performance, such as lead, supporting, incidental, or narration. The rates depend on the length and complexity of the script, the role of the character, and the duration and medium of the production. The minimum rates also cover expenses such as parking, meals, and travel.

– Hours of work: The agreement limits the recording sessions to a maximum of 10 hours per day, with breaks and overtime pay for additional hours. The agreement also provides guidelines for scheduling, casting, and script revision, to ensure that voice actors have reasonable notice and preparation time for their performances.

– Rights and residuals: The agreement specifies the conditions for residuals, which are additional payments that voice actors receive for the reuse of their performances. The residuals depend on the type of media and territory in which the production is exploited, and the percentage of the original rate that the voice actor receives. The agreement also covers the use of recordings for promotion or other purposes, and the credit and billing of voice actors in the production.

– Health and safety: The agreement requires the producers to provide a safe and healthy environment for the recording sessions, with adequate ventilation, temperature control, and lighting. The agreement also encourages the producers to provide training and assistance for voice actors who perform challenging roles or require special equipment or tools. The agreement also prohibits any form of harassment, discrimination, or violence on the set, and provides a grievance procedure for voice actors who experience such behavior.

How can voice actors benefit from the UBCP Animation Agreement?

The UBCP Animation Agreement offers several benefits for voice actors who work in animated productions. By adhering to the guidelines and standards of the agreement, producers can attract and retain talented and professional voice actors who can deliver high-quality performances and contribute to the success of the production. The agreement also enables voice actors to negotiate better rates and residuals, and to protect their rights and interests in the distribution and reuse of their performances. The agreement also promotes the safety and well-being of voice actors, by providing guidelines and procedures that can prevent accidents, injuries, or harassment, and ensure a positive and respectful working environment.

As a voice actor, you can benefit from the UBCP Animation Agreement by becoming a member of the UBCP and seeking opportunities in animated productions that fall under the jurisdiction of the agreement. You can also consult the UBCP website or contact the UBCP staff for more information about the agreement and how it can help you in your career. By understanding and supporting the UBCP Animation Agreement, you can join a community of voice actors who share your passion and expertise, and contribute to the growth and success of the animation industry in British Columbia and beyond.